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Hello AquaTune,
I don't know why I waited over a year after receiving your e-mail indicating your Aqua-Tune would work on my R90/6!

I installed the Aqua-Thrust kit late June '04 and what a pleasure to ride now! I maintain a log of all my fuel use - before Aqua-Thrust I averaged 44mpg including riding 2-up, pulling a trailer and having to gear-down on steeper grades. Now it's a WHOLE DIFFERENT experience! My wife and I recently went on a two week trip to Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine, riding 2-up witha UNI-GO trailer- over 2K (2,000) miles and the power & mileage are GREAT! – and no more downshifting - I was able to increase my speed going uphill without sneaking another gear! And, no more pre-detonation! Mileage is averaging 50 to 52mpg & the BEEMER (BMW) has never run 'sweeter' - I 'sync'd' the carbs with a Twin-Max before installing your product but, now it runs even smoother. I highly recommend Aqua-Thrust to any other 'airhead'riders out there - very easy to install - and start having some fun pulling those hills without shifting so much plusa much smoother running 'boxer'! Give it a try - I believe you'll be wondering why you didn't "hook-up' to Aqua -Thrust long before!

AquaTune, if anyone wants to contact me regarding these results, here is my email address:
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Best regards, Bruce Hirschey, New York

(An ‘airhead' with an AquaThrust – 1974 R90/6 BMW motorcycle)

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