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Hi AquaTune!
An odd thing happened last night/this morning: Last night I was driving the Corvette and I thought that I must have been getting used to the injection system, as it just didn't seem to have the same “poop” as before. So, this morning, I decided to check the system and see how the balance was between the two venturi injector nozzles and, dang it if there was no balance at all, worse still, there was no fluid at all going into the hoses. Hmmmm. I checked the reservoir, and yep, she was dry as a bone. Sheesh. Anyway, I mixed up a 50/50 mix of methanol and distilled water and went sailing on down the road – hey, my power was back! The difference between having the system on and being without the system is huuuuuge – the car just has a whole lot more torque. There seems to be a big difference, it feels way better than an 18% increase in hp.
A tank of gas sure lasts a LOT longer than before, and with all of the added power. I have to admit that I do have “my foot in it” a bit more!
Thanks for all of your help, and I really am thrilled with the injection system!
Jim S., Seattle, WA (This vehicle is 1990 Corvette, 5L IROC engine)

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