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To Nick @ AquaTune,
I have tried everything I could think of in order to pass the emissions test, including installing new, after-market injectors, which brought my CO up way past acceptable rates at idle, and hydrocarbons were out of sight, both at mid-range and under load. The next step was to replace the CAT converter and EGR valve. Then I heard about the AquaTune system from one of your dealers, Todd Gossling, and decided to install it on my 1979 Datsun 280Z. This was better than spending one thousand dollars.
I just want to report to let you know that it did go through the emissions very nicely with the AquaTune unit on there. I did not have to install the CAT converter or an EGR or anything else. It went through at 1/2% of CO and a couple hundred hydrocarbons at idle. Then 3/4% of CO and a couple of hundred hydrocarbons while under load.
So, it worked very well. The car does seem to run better and I'm very satisfied and just wanted to let you know the results on that and there you go. Appreciate all your help and excellent product.
M.W. - Phoenix, AZ

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