Since 1972- We guarantee and you can expect to gain a minimum increase of at
least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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Hi AquaTune guys,
Recently you installed an AquaTune Plus on my car. Currently I am a college student and my pennies do matter. Religiously, I would have to fill up the gas tank every six days, week after week. Now, I am able to go about ten days before needing to fill up again. The horsepower is absolutely cool! I recently took the car into Pep Boys and every mechanic came to look at this device in absolute amazement. I couldn't explain it very well but, I did tell them about the kind of results I'm getting and referred them to you web site, instead.
Thanks for helping to stretch my budget because every time the gas prices go up, I save even more and I' referring other students to you product, S.S., Dallas, Texas

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Phone: 1-276-285-5251

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if your unit does not does not give you the results installed as under the guidelines set out! (Please see Disclaimer)