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least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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Dear Nick,
Just to report back in and let you know what’s happened. Sure glad I upgraded to your ’06 model of the AquaThrustPlus. It sure has paid off. Big Time. I recently drove from Indiana to Connecticut to visit my cousin. I was averaging around 24-25 mpg with the regular AquaThrust. I immediately felt more horsepower than before and my fuel economy was astounding! I went all the way to 36.5 mpg, consistently. I had this van (’02 Ford Explorer E-150 with the 4.2L) for sale and had intended to transfer the unit to my next vehicle once I had sold the Explorer. However, every time I filled up I became more and more excited, to the point where I was actually embarrassing my wife and going to anyone who would listen as they were filling their tanks to tell them about this system. After getting to my cousin’s place, I was sharing with my cousin the results of this system and how it works. My cousin didn’t believe me. Imagine your own flesh and blood not believing you! So, I took him for a ride. Every 81 miles, we would top off the gas tank and we did it 3 consecutive times. Now what do you know, he became a believer. To the point that he bought this van from me, but only after I promised to leave the system on there. Because I did, he paid me $2,000 extra. My wife and I flew back home with more money in our pockets than when we left home. Enclosed find my payment for my next unit which I’m putting on a ’02 Chevy S-10. 
One very happy customer in Indiana, J.S.

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Phone: 1-276-285-5251

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