Since 1972- We guarantee and you can expect to gain a minimum increase of at
least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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My wife and I make an annual trip for business and to see relatives. This is an 800 mile trip one way. Before installing the AquaTunePlus system, I had to re-fuel three times to make this trip. Not this year! I re-filled only ONE time; I repeat, only once! I’m so glad my brother recommended your system to me. Also, he was absolutely right, the hp is great and the exhaust has a totally different sound and smell to it. It’s real throaty now and a sweet smell comes out of the exhaust. Your product is awesome, thanks again,
B. L., Alaska (This is an ’05 Chevrolet Avalanche V-8, 5.3L Vortec engine).

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Phone: 1-276-285-5251

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if your unit does not does not give you the results installed as under the guidelines set out! (Please see Disclaimer)