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Hello AquaTune,
I just wanted to let you know how well the AquaTunePlus worked on my '04 Toyota. I have the Scion XB. I use this vehicle mostly in my business and I drive every bit of 22,000 miles in a year. Before I installed the AquaTunePlus on my vehicle, my combined mileage, at best, was 28-29mpg. Now it is 37mpg, that's just a little over a 32% increase! Now for the horsepower, it is awesome for a little 1.5L with an automatic trans.

I also installed a second AquaTunePlus that on my wife's '04 Nissan Quest the other day. This vehicle has the 3.5L engine. My wife loves it! I'll let you know the results on this one shortly. Thanks for a such a great product! C. & B., California

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