Since 1972- We guarantee and you can expect to gain a minimum increase of at
least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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Attention Nick @ AquaTune:I don't know if you'll remember me, I ordered the AquaTune kit for my '99 Pontiac Grand Prix with an '04 supercharged 3.8L engine. Well, you were right on all points, it definitely exceeded all my expectations! It is every bit comparable to Nitrous without the harm to the engine. I had a friend driving with me to show him the difference and when we hit boost, it flat put us back in the seat, and all he could say was “WOW”! Now for the fuel increase: it went from 32 mpg on the highway to 42mpg. Not bad, huh? Anyway, I'd really be interested in selling this product.Thanks, you have a great product. J.P., ColoradoPS – Before I used Premium fuel and now I'm using only mid-grade fuel and getting these kinds of results.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee if your unit does not does not give you the results installed as under the guidelines set out! (Please see Disclaimer)