Since 1972- We guarantee and you can expect to gain a minimum increase of at
least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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Dear AquaTune,Back in January I purchased two of your AquaTunePlus kits with great hopes of improving the fuel economy on my '00 Acura RL 3.5L. As I told you when I was placing this order that my mileage stunk. The average, at best, was only 20mpg. I am very, very happy to report that at last reading, I am now getting 32.5 mpg, and that was with a 30 mph headwind! This product does everything you say and much more! I will be installing the other one on my wife's car as soon as I have the time. What a fantastic product you have. Be assured I'm telling everyone about this.Your very satisfied customer, Tom M., Kansas

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee if your unit does not does not give you the results installed as under the guidelines set out! (Please see Disclaimer)