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The cost for the Energizer Kit is $164.50. Shipping $4.50

The Platinum Plate kit was designed to further enhance the performance of the AquaTune system. A component is submerged into the water container which hooks up to a continuous 12 volt signal. A pinch of electrolyte is added to the water container every other fill-up. There is a negative ground wire that is attached to the processor and as the positively charged water enters into the negatively charged processor, it assists in separation of the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen molecules. This cracked water then enters into the generator for higher hydrogen production. In other words, it super-charges the processor making the overall system approximately 8% more efficient.

If the kit is ordered at the same time as ordering either the AquaTunePlus kit, the Energizer kit will come already inserted into the water container and the negative wire will be attached to the generator ground wire as one common ground for easy installation. If you already have a system, it can be ordered as an Add-On and the kit will come with instructions for installation


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