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Xtreme Systems

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Our Xtreme system consists of adding one generator per cylinder. We recommend this setup if are looking for high mileage and horsepower. Now you will be producing hydrogen at 2.5L per minute times the amount of cylinders your vehicle has. We have received reports of over 100% gains in fuel economy!! Often we here the question, will it be too much hydrogen for my engine? No, your engine can handle a lot more then we inject. The reason for that is because we keep the combustion chamber cool by adding the right amount of water as well. The new "fan" distribution blocks shown with generators attached. This allows you to add additional generators, one generator per intake runner. All the red wires (positive) are wired into one common red (positive) wire which plugs into the AquaTune system. They are active ONLY when the engine is running. The black, common, ground wires per generator are also combined into one common ground wire. This makes for a much easier installation. This holds true for the four-way and six-way distribution blocks.


Pricing is as follows:

  • 3 cylinder engine $1,662.50
  • 4 cylinder engine $1,950.50
  • 5 cylinder engine $2,238.50
  • 6 cylinder engine $2,526.50
  • 8 cylinder engine $3,102.50

The above packages include the standard AquaTune Plus HB system
with all needed installation parts including a water reservoir, and one generator per cylinder. 






HS320 4-12L Diesel engines

HS320 4-12L Diesel Engines.

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The HS320 is designed for diesel engines ranging from 4-12L and 180-350HP.This unit is a 60% hydrogen production and 40% water injection system. It is a cold-air intake system. It is an energy producing intercooler. It is a "hydrogen-on-demand" at its finest. It never needs to have stored hydrogen because it is produced as you drive. No need to re-program the computer or alter any of the computer sensors. Drastically extends oil life. Lowers turbo temps. Removes turbo lag. Increases horsepower by up to 30%. Increases fuel economy by 15-30%. Drastically lowers NOX emissions. Removes black soot smoke. Drastically increases engine life. The Warranty on this unit is either 5 years or 500,00 miles or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first.

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