For questions and/or Tech. Support call: Nick @903-527-3546 

We are currently offering AquaTune systems through local distributors. If you are not able to find a distributor in your geographical area, please contact Direct Sales at 903-527-3546. AquaTune systems can be purchase in person at the following distributors:

AquaTune of Northern California
Ronald (Dusty) Rhodes, Distributor

(serving the greater Northern California area)
email: info@hydrogen-fuel-systems.com

AquaTune of Northern Ohio
David & Lois Miller

email: tech@aquatuneohio.com

Nathan Sallee, authorized mobile installer
(serving Oregon & Washington)
email: njsallee@gmail.com

Mid-West AquaTune
Allan Gibson, Distributor

(serving Iowa, etc. & also your contact for the diesel unit)
email: agibson811@gmail.com

Jason Kim (Utah)
Phone Number: 1-801-205-9788
email: iambigstar@gmail.com

AquaTune of Southwestern Virginia
Reford Eller, Dealer/Installer

(your contact for SW Virginia & NE Tennessee)
email: ellerskk@yahoo.com

AquaTune of Alberta, Canada
Leonard Wiebe, Distributor/Installer

email: wiebeleonardwiebe@hotmail.com

AquaTune of Ontario, Canada
Elroy Wagler, Distributor

email: aquatune@cyg.net

AquaTune of Quebec, Canada
Daniel Larocque, Distributor

email: plasma.dl@lycos.com

AquaTune of Chile
Felipe de Heeckeren, Distributor

Tel. # 56 226996293
email: felipe@deheeckeren.cl

AquaTune of S. Korea
Jason Kim, Distributor

phone # 801-205-9788
email: iambigstar@gmail.com


*Prices for AquaTune systems may vary by distributor depending upon location, sales tax, installation services provided, and other variable not controlled by AquaTune.