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least 25% in mpg and up to 30% in hp.
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AquaTune HB Plus installation guide

Water Fuel Technology For Everyone.

How it works

Compare To Other Systems

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  • AquaTune is half water injection and half hydrogen production
  • Produces 2.5L of hydrogen per minute at 8 atmospheric pressure using 1.5 amps.
  • More horse power and a higher torque range throughout the power band!
  • From 25% and up increase in fuel economy!
  • Up to 30% increase in horse power!
  • Gets rid of harmful carbon deposits!
  • Pass previously failed DEQ checkouts!
  • Will not interfere with emissions.
  • Now available for most all motorcycles. Also for boats and racing applications. (Excludes 2 cycle engines.)
  • We have a 30-day Money-back guarantee.
  • Lowers oil temps by average 25 degrees.
  • Longer time between oil changes.
  • Eliminates pre-detonation.
  • Eliminates turbo lag.
  • Never needs computer manipulators even on OBDII vehicles.
  • Now able to use regular fuel instead of premium.
  • Drastically prolongs engine life.
  • Will not harm the engine even if you run out of water.
  • Will not void new car warranty.
  • 6 day per week tech. support.
  • Available kit complete, including vehicle specific installation instructions.
  • System has a two year warranty on the processor, extded warranty available. Extended warranty is automatic when system is installed by an authorized installer:

AquaTune is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, water injection and an ultra-sonic air regulator, also utilizing a hydrogen generator. This amazing device allows you to put money back in your pocket through our aqua tuning.

About AquaTune Water Injection System(TM)

This system is 60% hydrogen production and 40% water injection. The water is brought up to the processor by vacuum which is created by the engine along with the venturi effect created by the injector nozzle. This, then, maintains a strong vacuum signal to the processor all the way through the power band. This vacuum/water is pulled through the processor at a extremely high rate of speed. This air enters into the resident echo chamber where the tuning fork is located. This keep the frequency constant.

As the water is brought into the echo chamber, the water is violently torn apart by cavitation and frequency as well as a static charge. This, in turn, loosens the bond between the hydrogen atom and the oxygen molecule. Hence, the cracking of the water. This cracked water now enters into the hydrogen generator powered by a 12 volt power source.

Because the water is cracked, it is extremely easy to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen using less then 1 amp to produce 2.5 Liters of hydrogen per minute. There are two functions to the hydrogen generator: a small pass-way in the generator allows a portion of the cracked water to pass through. This stabilizes the hydrogen. This, then, expands the fossil fuel during the compression cycle. When this mixture goes though the combustion cycle you have a more complete burn rate and, because of the higher compression and a cooler burn rate, you have more horsepower.

The rich, robust combustion passing the O2 sensor tells the computer to hold back on the fuel without using any kind of computer manipulators. This will be easy to see with a computer scanner as it will show both the long-term and the short-term fuel trims to be in the negative range.

This in turn gives a promise of 25% better fuel mileage and up to 30% more horse power. This pressure chamber adjusts to any altitude and is not affected by heat. Because the unit is anodized inside and out it resists corrosion. To further resist corrosion we use nickel-plated nipples going into and out of the unit. It has stainless steel water jetting and internal micron filtration with up to 6 microns assuring that it will never stop up. Note: most people are reporting from 35% to even higher better fuel mileage. In part, this is due to a much higher torque range and horse power because your foot is much higher on the gas pedal to achieve your best miles per hour. We find that most vehicles use two (2) quarts of water to 15 gallons of fuel, depending on driving conditions. At times, we also add a 1/1 ratio of 70% by volume Isopropyl alcohol for added horsepower. This same mixture should be added to the water source in cold climates to keep it from freezing. The Isopropyl alcohol can be purchased at any drugstore or pharmacy. We highly recommend the use of distilled water only to avoid possible mineral buildup.

At the time of installation it is advisable to have a good baseline of fuel economy and a tune-up with non-platinum plugs and to make certain that the O2 sensor is in good operating condition to ensure the highest achievements from your AquaTune system. Each injection unit is bench tested for top quality and to be trouble free.

So you see that with this system it’s like getting your fourth tank free. Clearly you can see you have all to gain and nothing to lose. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee and we guarantee the unit with a five-year warranty on parts and workmanship. (NOTE: Warranty void if unit has been tampered with.) We are the AquaTune Company since 1972 and our best advertising comes from you! Thank you for purchasing AquaTune.

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